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10 Reasons Your Bunsiness Needs Social Media Marketing….

Welcome to our 10 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing! We are here to create lifetime clients, maintain a personal and business connection with all clients and to deliver the total customer service experience.

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1. Increase Your Strengths
Do you have areas where you are very strong? Those are the areas you want to focus on. The only thing you can build on is strength. You need to be functional in all areas, but you build on strength. If you’re really good at customer engagement then social media can help you get even better. If you’re great a running sales and converting clients then you can get better in that area!

2. Get to Know Your Customers
The better you know your customers, the more you can serve them. The more you can serve them, the more profit you can make. How do you get to know your customers? Pretend like you are on a date. (If you were/are good at dating!) You would ask questions, pay attention to responses, etc. You want to do the same thing on social media.

3. Stay in the Running
If you aren’t utilizing social then you are becoming irrelevant. People want to follow their favorite brands and businesses on social media. They want to keep up on what is going on and I can guarantee you that they aren’t going to the newspaper to find that kind of thing out.

4. Improve Your Customer Service & Communication
When you know what your customers are thinking and what they want, you are able to improve your customer service. You will be able to speak in their language and show them that you can. It is so much easier to sell a current customer than to persuade a new client to do business with you so don’t forget about the people that have already spent money with you.

5. Social Media Marketing Can Fit Your Budget
You don’t have a big budget to spend on television or pay per click advertising? No problem. Social media is much more cost effective than those methods. You can then use the profits that you gain from social media to play around in those areas, but start small and see what happens. You may be surprised at the power of social media marketing!

6. Your Ideal Clients Hangout There
Have you ever heard that you should go to a “target rich environment”? Well, that is exactly what social media is. It is a target rich environment. Not only can you put content out there to the world, but you can actually target people in the exact demographic that you need for your business to thrive!
7. Helps You Build Trust and Relationships
Have you ever researched a business to check out their facebook page or other social media and it looked like a ghost town? Did you feel confident in buying from them? I’m going to guess that you didn’t! When you have a well maintained and informative social media campaign up and running, you are going to build trust and convert customers at a higher level.

8. Helps You With Branding
Your brand is your story. You are romancing your clients. You want them to fall in love with you. Your website is like the first date (a little formal and possibly awkward because of the one way communication at times) and your social media is like the nights that you hangout to eat pizza and watch a movie. You’re really getting to know each other. What do you think would happen if you skipped this step and went right to the proposal? They might just say no.

9. Allows You to Standout
If your “competition” does not have a rockin’ social media presence, you can literally annihilate them in this area. Don’t skimp on this because even if you do have people in your niche and marketplace on social media, it is usually very lax and not impressive at all.

10. You Can Play with the Big Boys/Girls
Let’s say there are big “players” in your market. Maybe you are a business coach, speaker, electrician, politician, etc. You have great ideas, great services, great ability to service, but you’re the “new guy/girl” or “little guy/girl”. Social media let’s you play in the big leagues without breaking your budget!

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